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Birth Registry

Parents can personally access and determine the child’s personal name in all registry offices in the Republic of Croatia within 30 days from the day of the child’s birth.

When coming to the registry office to determine the personal name of a newborn child, both parents must come and bring the following documents:

  • identity cards or passports of both parents
  • if the mother is a foreign citizen who is not married, she must prove her unmarried status with an appropriate document
  • IBAN of the parent’s current account to which the payment of the one-time assistance of the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance and the local self-government unit will be made.

In addition to coming to the registry office in person, parents can also use e-Newborn, which allows them to register the birth of a child with a signed certificate and name the child.

Registration of the fact of birth of Croatian citizens born abroad

Registration is carried out on the basis of an extract from the state register of the foreign body according to the residence of the applicant. The request is submitted in person, through a proxy or through a diplomatic-consular representation of the Republic of Croatia abroad.

The following must be attached to the request:

  • original extract from the birth register or international extract from the birth register
  • proof of marriage (if the person is married), proof of termination of marriage (death certificate or judgment on divorce),
  • proof of Croatian citizenship.

Foreign public documents that are not issued on an international form should be translated into Croatian by an authorized court interpreter in the Republic of Croatia.

Legal basis:

Law on State Registries (“Official Herald”, number: 96/93, 76/13, 98/19 and 133/22)
Instruction for the implementation of the Act on State Registries (“Official Gazette”, number: 117/21)
Family Law (“Official Herald”, number: 103/15, 98/19, 47/20 and 49/23)

Contact:  Registry offices in Dubrovnik-Neretva County